Dingle, Ireland Summer Workshop

June 17-27, 2020

The Program 

This 10 day course is built to create an environment where you can immerse yourself in intensive artmaking, challenge yourself to new subjects, new methods, and new modes of thought, and where after a day of painting you can nourish your mind on enriching conversation, your ear on some good music, and your body on a satisfying pint of Guinness. It is not a relaxing painting vacation, it is a painting boot camp, and you will come out of it with new skills and knowledge, new directions, and a strengthened confidence.  

 I genuinely believe that artmaking is a process of exploration, rather than a means of getting to a definitive end. I find that an ability to play and experiment, not only opens up a channel to create something you never knew you could, but also makes the experience itself a most satisfying one.


The landscape is always in flux, which makes it well suited to be our main subject for exploring painting and taking it to the next level. Throughout this course I will be sharing with you a good amount of technical material on how to get the paint on the canvas, how to see, how to understand color, etc, and most importantly, we will focus on how to put that knowledge to action and make your work SPEAK.

The Town

The Dingle Peninsula on the Southwest coast of county Kerry is world famous for its magnificent scenery: mountains cascading into the ocean, rocky islands, rainbows, and cliffs. The unpredictable Atlantic climate at times flushes the fields in luscious greens, and casts deep blue and turquoise into the ocean, and at other times envelopes the landscape in a thick ethereal mist, obscuring shapes, softening edges, and creating colors that don't have a name.  

The peninsula is dotted with ancient beehive structures, standing stones and fairy forts, on which sheep munch the grass incessantly. Dingle itself is a colorful fishing town located at the mouth of the bay, lively with numerous pubs and musical performances, seafood restaurants, art galleries, craft shops and various unique peculiarities, all coalescing into its own unmistakable character. 

Photography and video by Douglas Ferris   @douglas.ferris
George Dugan

George Dugan was my painting professor, mentor, and dear friend. He taught me everything that really matters about painting, he showed me how to see a world of utmost beauty, and encouraged and helped me when I was going through hard times. His wit, vitality, and wisdom is unforgettable and his words and outlooks on life are permanently with me.

George fell in love with Dingle while travelling Ireland in the 70s, and created a study abroad program in 2000, in order to bring students from the US to experience the landscape and the culture of this small and unique corner of the world. I was honored when George asked me to teach his course, and this town became dear to me quickly. I've had a wonderful time teaching his painting course for 5 years, 2015-2019. Starting with the summer of 2020, I am excited to transform the program into this painting workshop.

George Dugan's Landscape Paintings

From Previous Dingle Study Abroad Students:

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my experience in Dingle that much better, I truly learned a lot and feel as though it has pushed me in many new directions in my studio practice."
- C. Connolly 

"Dana is one of the most amazing people to work with and what better way to than in another country! This workshop was one of the most inspiring classes I have ever taken and helped me understand how to paint landscape. I strongly recommend this program to anyone that wants to make close bonds and a community of visual arts, has a love for nature and for those who want unforgettable memories"
- L. Byck