Summer Courses in Dingle, Ireland 

The Dingle, Ireland Art Program was started around the year 2000, by Professor George Dugan, who was my painting professor, mentor and dear friend. I am honored to be teaching the painting and drawing program along with Professor Patricia Hunsinger, who leads the Printmaking and Photography program. The Dingle peninsula on the southwest coast of county Kerry is world famous for its magnificent scenery: mountains cascading into the ocean, rocky islands, rainbows and cliffs. The unpredictable climate at times flushes the fields with luscious greens, and casts deep blues into the ocean, and at other times, envelopes the landscape in an ethereal mist, obscuring shapes, softening edges, and creating colors that don't have a name. Dingle itself is a colorful fishing town located at the mouth of the bay, lively with numerous pubs and fantastic musical performances, seafood restaurants, art galleries, craft shops, and numerous unique peculiarities, all coalescing into its own unmistakable character. 


10 day, non credit workshop open for all adults

Artist Residency

The artist residency runs concurrently with the undergraduate study abroad program. The Resident Artist has the opportunity to explore working from the landscape, and take part in the program. 

We are happy to welcome our 2017 Resident Artist, Henry Jabbour

*Residency is by invitation only.