Dana Kotler was born in Odessa, Ukraine, and grew up in Jerusalem, Israel, after which she has relocated to New York with her family. She has received her MFA from the New York Academy of Art. Dana instructs a summer study abroad course in Dingle, Ireland, and has taught courses in colleges in Boston, MA, and San Diego, CA. Dana has displayed her work in a number of group and solo exhibitions, and is a recipient of two Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grants, among others. Currently, she is working out of her studio in San Diego.

Artist Statement

My work is a means to leave evidence of the process of making sense of the human universe. It is a series of gradually piled up events, some of which turn out lucky. They build upon each other, resulting in an object with its own logic and unity. Each event is a decision, occurrence, accident, or discovery. I play with various languages of painting, intertwining spaces, and lately, sculpture and low relief, to seek new dimensions, relationships and meanings. The works aim to contain living things, and irreconcilable spaces, where physics is subsidiary to narrative and symbol, because I usually find that definitions are unsatisfying. I am interested in surfaces that have lived, and in the experience of living with them. A higher understanding of anything is not necessarily achieved in the end, but it is certainly hoped for.